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That Little Girl There August 10, 2017

Posted by anagasto in history.

There: she sits on the right, in a light blue dress, with both her hands on her lap and her head turned towards the proceedings. As far as anybody can know, she will not be next. This is her father’s coronation as Felipe VI. He is now the king of Spain and her sister Leonor is the crown princess, the next in line.

The two little girls sat there, just like that, for two hours, silently,   barely moving, Leonor not moving at all. I will never find out how that was possible. Is their mother a gifted educator? More probably their grandmother.  But how? The complete proceedings lasted more than four hours.

On those chairs, in that spot and watched all the time by their mother and the whole world: imagine! Leonor never moved at all. Her sister kept turning her head to see what was going on or who was speaking…. She could not possibly understand, and yet she seemed to be having fun, like a cat watching a ballgame on TV.




1. Carl D'Agostino - December 1, 2017

Some children can be trained to understand the magnitude of an event and their responsibility as a participant. For others they need to be escorted to the nursery after a minute and a half.

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