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A Very Short History of Europe December 25, 2015

Posted by anagasto in history.

Very short History of Europe
The seminal cultures are Greece, Rome, and Israel.

The story begins in Greece where several small States competed with each other for power and fame. Their thinkers and artists opened up new areas of thought and research.

Christianity started in Jerusalem, but soon expanded across the Mediterranean to reach Athens and Rome.

Rome became all-powerful. Culturally Rome was indebted to the Greeks, but it developed its own genius in architecture, engineering, and legislation, finally shaping and promoting Biblical Christianity.

As a world power Rome ended up extending its military committments until it could no longer hold its periphery. Christians in the West and later Islam in the East took over.

In most of Europe, Christianity created churches, monasteries and an array of military allegiances. This period of growing Catholic, cultural, and military supremacy is called The Middle Ages.

It was then that trade brought city life back, while Islam and  renascent Greek learning  put an end to the monopoly enjoyed by the Catholic church.

Even so, between the 16th and 20th centuries, from the Renaissance onwards, Christianity expanded throughout the world to become the vehicle of the world’s dominant political power.

Finally, World War I and II set Europe far back, while the United States, the Soviet Union and Asia advanced to prominence.






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