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What happened to Picasso ? November 6, 2014

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picasso family of saltimbanques

There is nobody that could draw like him, but in colours he is second to many.

Only in his pastels did he come  through in his blue and his pink period. Pastels are easy to combine. As soon as he began to use stronger stuff, his compositions became forgettable.

That is one of the reasons why it is hard to recall his most influential art.



picasso lavie1903

The other reason is that in his youth he was sentimental or faked it, and it did not last.

He had a cynical side and could not really hide that, because, like most cynics, he also wanted to show it off.



picasso absinth drinker 1901

So he gave up painting all these poor women, poor street children, poor clowns.




But in his drawings  he never had to change his style, his diction,  his  approach to movement and his line.

That boy on the right of the painting:  the complete theory on how to distribute your weight when you have to dance on a beach ball!
But that beach ball looks flat or maybe even a little hollow, and Picasso couldn’t care less.



For some reason Picasso got fed up with his own perfection. For one thing, he had no message, and it was too easy, and maybe it also gained him admirers in the wrong circles, and so he started to hide his excellence behind drawings that meant nothing.

This is where he became globally influential.

180px-Dora Maar Au Chat

Another riddle is how he is now Number One in fame and then there is nobody for about a mile. And then there is the immense group of the many.

What is that?



Picasso Portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler 1910

This is the portrait of an art dealer. Picasso said so.


(c) jaro


And with just this one picture he also made himself a reputation for being engagé, politically articulate, no coward, no ivory tower artist. That was lucky indeed.

The painting is at Madrid’s Reina Sofia museum, and you’ll be surprised how many sketches he made to figure out his composition. This was right up his alley:


tn_guernica sketch horse agony 3

The agony of a horse.

tn_guernica 6 sketches

tn_guernica sketch agony of the horse 1


tn_picasso horse head 5



Pablo picasso 1

A great photo!

It says more about Picasso and his art than most of  his paintings. A typical Spaniard. He enjoys life, but would not try to figure things out.

There are many Spaniards that look just like that. They live in the pueblo, are friendly, will cheat you, will also help you, and in either case laugh it off.

They are absolutely reliable only for their family, not on the job, not for neighbours, and certainly not for society at large. Let Merkel take note.



quixote by picasso

He did know how to draw. But, as Chagall said, it is a pity he didn’t know how to paint.

Pablo Picasso lived from 1881 to 1973.

The small Picasso pictures are from an old Noguer Rizzoli edition “Picasso azul y rosa” that includes about 40 great full colour reproductions plus his complete early works, about 250 of them as thumbnails. It is probably no longer commercially available, but I got it at ABE Books for US$ 1,–




1. Carl D'Agostino - October 2, 2011

Made me want to look at his stuff again. He also made some interesting pottery and tiles.

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