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Churchill’s First School Day March 16, 2014

Posted by anagasto in history, WWII.

never done Latin before


This is from a small autobiography that Churchill published when he was about 56 years old. He had been in high office for many years and thought his political life was over.

It begins with his childhood, his nurse, his famous parents, and when he was 7 years old, he was sent to school away from home. —

The teacher who examined him is neither attentive nor lucid:
Churchill's First Latin Class

It was a famous expensive institution, but their methods were harsh, included flogging, and Churchill could not stand it,  so that his parents had to take him out and send him to a different school.

The book is  online, but I believe that at least under British law it is still copyright protected.

Churchill my early life


1. Carl D'Agostino - January 10, 2013

I never could get through the Latin verb declensions but am glad I retained some vocabulary.

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