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The Blind leading the Blind September 28, 2014

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They are painted without pity. According to Wikipedia their empty eyes are painted with such exactitude that a modern ophthalmologist or eye specialist can tell the different types of blindnesss represented. Yet it is Bruegel’s most popular painting.

In public domain according to http://www.wikiart.org/

At the time there was war between Catholics and Protestants. They killed each other on the question whether faith alone was sufficient to reach heaven or whether good works were of prime importance.

Because of this issue, some charities lost prestige and beggars became suspect of using make-up to fool soft hearts. It is not known whether the shocking diagonal composition with that Catholic church in the background cover up or expose political anger.

Bruegel may have been a Calvinist*** and had to fear the Inquisition. This would at least explain why so little is known about his life. It might also explain why even now his work is sometimes described and sold as landscape paintings.

*** Calvinism =The theological system of John Calvin and his followers emphasizing omnipotence of God and salvation by grace alone. — according to http://wordweb.info/